Whether you are in school or college, you must have mentioned an article as it is part of your examination. If you want higher grades, then you have to focus on citing an essay. An essay must be written in that form which provides all the information to the reader. You are thinking about how to cite an essay? In this content, you will get some knowledge about citing an essay.

Steps to cite an essay

  1. Select the style

Before writing an essay, you need to select them, whether it is APA or MLA. The method depends on your topic if you have chosen APA style; it means you are writing an essay on social science. You need to check all the guidelines which help you in writing APA format.

  1. What to include?

In MLA, you just expected to incorporate the creator’s last name and the page number in-content. In APA, however, you should include a third component: the year wherein the paper was distributed. A further distinction from MLA is that you incorporate the in-content reference wherever the data is referred. While in MLA, the in-content mention dependably goes toward the finish of the sentence; in APA it can intrude on the verdict.

  1. Distinguish

In the Reference List, you will list numerous articles by a similar writer in order by the true primary expression of the title. The central exposition will be considered “a” the second “b, etc. Add this letter assignment to the year in the in-content reference to demonstrate which paper you’re examining.

  1. Add the initial author

If in an essay, there is more than one author is given, then you need to write the initial author. You have to write some information about the author, which clears the confusion to the reader.

  1. Format the citation

The reference list is also known as a bibliography. The reference list must be written in that aspect, which makes it clear to the reader. Some of are:

  • Print anthology
  • Print journals
  • Accessed through an online database

All these need their personal information like year of publication, what kind of issue, etc. Make sure that in APA style the database information is not be included.

So, these are some steps which you need to follow while citing an essay. Before start writing, you have to select the paper style.